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Employment Documentation for UK Employers

Employment laws affect every business, irrespective of size. It is vital to use up to date documents in your business.

We provide legally compliant, plain English and practical documents for you to use. Our employment law specialists are highly experienced in all aspects of Employment Law; Qualified and with practical experience of HR.

These documents are an essential, quality and affordable resource for any business.

The documents are listed under three main headings:

  1. Employment letters; eg discipline and dismissal; suspension.
  2. Employment policies and procedures; eg Terms and Conditions of Employment (a legal requirement)
  3. Checklists for managers. More detailed guidance on a particular topic. Click on the above for a full listing. Please use the document categories on the left hand side of this page to navigate to the documents you require.

Please select the document you would like to buy, follow the simple process to pay using PayPal, and their fully secure servers, and then the document will be emailed to you.


Other services and Support

We are an established and well regarded Employment Law Consultancy ( ).

If you would like more than a letter or policy, for a flat hourly rate, we can provide you with cost effective support in a number of ways:

For more information call us on 01789 470700.

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