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Restraint of trade - letter to employee in breach of contract

This letter should be used when an ex-employee appears to be in breach of a restraint or restriction clause in their employment contract. It sets out the next steps if the contract is not complied with.

This document is a legally compliant, practical and flexible letter to an employee or ex-employee who is in breach of their contract. We hope you find it easy to understand and use. It is in template form and allows you to add your Company name if required, and customise it to suit your specific requirements as a business. If you require any advice on using this document we do provide very cost effective support.

If you would like to discuss further support or employment advice on any issue please contact us and we will talk through the options with you. Please call 01789 470700, saying you would like to discuss Consultancy Support.

Last Updated: May 2014
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